Tempted by the fruits

I am happy to present my annual Halloween artwork on the first day of October, one of the most glorious months here in Texas. October diminishes, at least a little, the misery of August. Especially the recently past August of 2011. But back to the art. This year’s offering, Tempted by the Fruits, is a one page illustrated story.

“The temptation of proffered fruits trumped caution of feathered familiars.”


Prints for purchase available here.  Previous years Halloween illustrations: The Witching Hour  and Wicked Halloween.


Douglas’s Dilemma continues

My short illustrated story for adults, Douglas has a Dilemma, has evolved since it was first conceived of as an entry into the 2009  McKinney Avenue Contemporary’s (the MAC) annual membership show. I’ll write more about that later but for now I just want to introduce a bit more of Douglas’s story. It’s been on the back burner – and sometimes the front burner, but on simmer – for quite a while. But isn’t that the way it often is with complicated love stories? You can read the first part of his story here and the first part of the second part (! I know!) here. 


witching hour small

This year my Halloween offering is a double: the intent, low-flying witch above, and the rather excitable cat pictured further down the page. I think what I like most about The Witching Hour is something I hadn’t planned but that just grew itself as I inked: the lovely living garden she is traveling above. I’ll have to keep it in mind when I have a new art car to paint.

Since I’m on the subject of witches, here is an illustration from a Halloween some years ago that I am still quite fond of:

Halloween Hostess

Eye of newt, anyone? And of course, if you haven’t seen it, check out my wicked witch from 2008. Lovely ladies, all. I may have a coven.