McKinney Avenue Contemporary Membership Show

The MAC’s annual membership show is always a hoot. They provide a theme so the show has some sort of cohesion. The talent pool ranges from excellent to eek! There are always several entries that give pause due to concept or execution, some that cause the stifling of snorts and at least one that attracts crowds, a cloud of the collective “Oh my God!”s gasped hanging above it.

The theme for this year’s membership show, held during August, was “gastronomia/erotica y estimulante” which means, errr… stimulating gastronomic erotica? The way the MAC put is “The inspiration for the 14th Annual Membership Exhibition is the interconnectedness of art, the anthropology of food and drink and its link to the sustenance and celebration of life and its mysteries. The experience and the art of gastronomy have inspired scores of artists, writers and filmmakers.”

Which means the gallery was lined with artwork full of images of food and naughty body bits. Hurrah! This was my contribution. The snooty title for the catalog was “Kypris & The Horn of Plenty” but some of my friends referred to it as “Plenty of Horn”.