A little movie about the process of making art

It’s my first stab at stop-motion movie-making and is pretty primitive, but I labored over this little baby and want to show it off even with the quirks and wrinkles. (I tend to be fond of quirks and wrinkles!) The process of creating a piece of art from start to finish always interests me and thought it might you as well.


Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow?

I scribbled a little sketch ages ago that eventually bloomed into this pop arty illustration. It wasn’t my intention at all, but as the painting progressed it became reminiscent to me of another Mary: Mary Quant (anyone remember her?!) That was an interesting development. Contrary Mary is available as an 8″ x 10″ print and 5″ x 7″ greeting card through my Etsy shop. I like her so much I’m considering having her printed in a larger format. Let me know if you have any interest in that.

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I’m going to submit Contrary Mary as a t-shirt design to Threadless. (8.20.11 update: design was accepted and is up for scoring for 6 more days; see and score here!) The process will be fun. And speaking of process, I’ve been wanting to make a stop-motion video of my art for quite a long time. So  yesterday and this morning, as I painted, I also climbed up and down my two-step about a hundred times snapping photos from the first brush stroke to the last ink line. I have absolutely no idea how to do it, but when I put it together I’ll be posting it ’cause it sure took a long time to take all those pics. Renewed admiration for those nutty claymation folks.