Raising a glass

I’ve been blog-neglectful the past month. Busy with various projects, including rebuilding my website which is a challenge as I have no idea what I am doing! But as tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., which is pretty much the start of the (sometimes relentless) holiday season, here’s a little something to start the season properly. Cheers!

Want one for yourself? Print available at my Etsy shop.


Tempted by the fruits

I am happy to present my annual Halloween artwork on the first day of October, one of the most glorious months here in Texas. October diminishes, at least a little, the misery of August. Especially the recently past August of 2011. But back to the art. This year’s offering, Tempted by the Fruits, is a one page illustrated story.

“The temptation of proffered fruits trumped caution of feathered familiars.”


Prints for purchase available here.  Previous years Halloween illustrations: The Witching Hour  and Wicked Halloween.

A little movie about the process of making art

It’s my first stab at stop-motion movie-making and is pretty primitive, but I labored over this little baby and want to show it off even with the quirks and wrinkles. (I tend to be fond of quirks and wrinkles!) The process of creating a piece of art from start to finish always interests me and thought it might you as well.

Chicago bound

One of the things on my very long list of things I really must do is submit a design to Threadless. If you aren’t familiar with Threadless Tees, get thyself over there and check them out! Tons of cool t-shirts, all designed by members of the Threadless community. I’m off this weekend for a mini-break, as Bridget Jones would say, to Chicago and one of my stops whilst I am there will be the Threadless retail store. After I’ve perused the goods in person, when I get home I’m going to put pen to paper and do the deed!

Speaking of shopping, all prints and bookmarks in my online storefront are 20% off till the end of the month to celebrate (or bemoan) the official beginning of summer. (Although it’s been summer here in Texas for quite a while already.) Just type SOLSTICE611 in the coupon code space when checking out.


Love bird

A little love bird who makes an appearance or two in Douglas has a Dilemma and Douglas has a Dream (see links on the right side of the page). Douglas has a Dream has had a very long gestation period but illustrations are now well under way. I’m posting them as I go instead of waiting till they are all finished, with the thought that it might light a fire under my ample derriere.


witching hour small

This year my Halloween offering is a double: the intent, low-flying witch above, and the rather excitable cat pictured further down the page. I think what I like most about The Witching Hour is something I hadn’t planned but that just grew itself as I inked: the lovely living garden she is traveling above. I’ll have to keep it in mind when I have a new art car to paint.

Since I’m on the subject of witches, here is an illustration from a Halloween some years ago that I am still quite fond of:

Halloween Hostess

Eye of newt, anyone? And of course, if you haven’t seen it, check out my wicked witch from 2008. Lovely ladies, all. I may have a coven.

Cat on a hot tin roof

scary cat

One of two Halloween offerings this year. Someone pointed out that my “affection for cats was showing” because I seem to have done a lot of cats lately, which is true. But I’m still a dog person, really; cats are just more fun to draw. I don’t think this cat is very affectionate – although it was inspired by my friends The Brians’ cat, variously known as Scabitha and Creature (I call her Slinky), who I am inordinately fond of.