Dreamer’s Ball

Last year I was commissioned to do a series of Italian Greyhounds (which you can see here). I did many preliminary sketches – I loved their graceful lines and the possibilities they presented my imagination. This masked and Mercury-winged Greyhound came from one of the sketches that didn’t make the final cut for my client. Shades of ice blue and Phthalo green seemed just the right color choices. Watercolor, graphite and ink on hot press Arches paper. The original is 10″ x 10″ and is available for purchase as are prints, which you can buy directly from me or order online here.


Wild things

Wild things…I think I love you. Poster for Buster’s Friends‘ (a pet rescue organization in Houston, Texas) annual fundraising gala. This is my third season doing the art for Buster’s Friends and it may be my favorite – although I loved last year’s Halloween-inspired one as well. I thought it would be fun to have dancing animals this year and took my inspiration from the popular television show “Dancing with the Stars” and one of my favorite quirky films, “Strictly Ballroom”. Fabulous costumes and exquisite posture! We take our dancing very seriously.

The art will also be used for postcards and tickets for the gala. The sans text version shown above is available for purchase as a print in my Etsy shop.