Have a Dreadful Halloween

I traditionally do a Halloween illustration every year, but this year my time was spent on a different kind of art project.


My artist friends, The Brians (who are pretty much local celebs in my part of town) have an annual Halloween bash that is truly something to behold. The first time I went I was amazed to see so many fully grown adults in fully realized costumes. Lots of the guests are artists or have creative inclinations and The Brians party is a yearly opportunity to really cut loose.

For some reason I cannot explain, this year I wanted to be a dryad. A forest spirit. I really don’t know why but it was an idea I’d had for months and couldn’t shake. I also had no clue how to make it a reality. About a week before the party I had an inspiration: I’d make dreads to symbolize the autumn tree limbs. Excellent! Alas, I had no idea what was involved in the making of dreads. Quite a bit, as it turns out. Here are a couple of photos of the process:



But the effort was worth it. I love them! Now I’m thinking about Christmas/Festivus dread falls. Stay tuned. And have a Happy Halloween!


Tempted by the fruits

I am happy to present my annual Halloween artwork on the first day of October, one of the most glorious months here in Texas. October diminishes, at least a little, the misery of August. Especially the recently past August of 2011. But back to the art. This year’s offering, Tempted by the Fruits, is a one page illustrated story.

“The temptation of proffered fruits trumped caution of feathered familiars.”


Prints for purchase available here.  Previous years Halloween illustrations: The Witching Hour  and Wicked Halloween.


witching hour small

This year my Halloween offering is a double: the intent, low-flying witch above, and the rather excitable cat pictured further down the page. I think what I like most about The Witching Hour is something I hadn’t planned but that just grew itself as I inked: the lovely living garden she is traveling above. I’ll have to keep it in mind when I have a new art car to paint.

Since I’m on the subject of witches, here is an illustration from a Halloween some years ago that I am still quite fond of:

Halloween Hostess

Eye of newt, anyone? And of course, if you haven’t seen it, check out my wicked witch from 2008. Lovely ladies, all. I may have a coven.

Cat on a hot tin roof

scary cat

One of two Halloween offerings this year. Someone pointed out that my “affection for cats was showing” because I seem to have done a lot of cats lately, which is true. But I’m still a dog person, really; cats are just more fun to draw. I don’t think this cat is very affectionate – although it was inspired by my friends The Brians’ cat, variously known as Scabitha and Creature (I call her Slinky), who I am inordinately fond of.