Wild things

Wild things…I think I love you. Poster for Buster’s Friends‘ (a pet rescue organization in Houston, Texas) annual fundraising gala. This is my third season doing the art for Buster’s Friends and it may be my favorite – although I loved last year’s Halloween-inspired one as well. I thought it would be fun to have dancing animals this year and took my inspiration from the popular television show “Dancing with the Stars” and one of my favorite quirky films, “Strictly Ballroom”. Fabulous costumes and exquisite posture! We take our dancing very seriously.

The art will also be used for postcards and tickets for the gala. The sans text version shown above is available for purchase as a print in my Etsy shop. 










poster art for Theatre Britain

Got an early start on this year’s artwork for Theatre Britain’s annual Christmas panto. As the text (other than the title, Dick Whittington) will change for its various uses – posters, programs, postcards, online advertising – I left negative space on the right side for the producers to use as needed. It’s a little early to book tickets for this year’s performance! but I’ll post a reminder in November. Pantos are wonderful fun!

Satisfied Cat

Another mixed media piece painted on wood panel; a commission done for an Oak Cliff neighbor who only hangs original art in her home. (God bless her!) I really enjoy building the multiple layers, creating an effect that is quite different from my more “traditional” watercolor paintings but  still has some of the transparency that I so love. I use paint instead of ink for the line work on these pieces. I like the way the cat’s stripes echo the lines of the fish skeleton; very pleasing to me.

When my mom saw the sketch, she pursed her lips and said, “I don’t like that”. I don’t think the fish skeleton was as pleasing to her! I was tempted to title it “Catisfaction” but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Cute word mangling generally offends me (I refuse to eat at restaurants with names that make me grimace, like “Spageddies”) so I had to let it go. But I whisper it in my mind when I look at this piece: “catisfaction!”

Prints are available over at my Etsy shop – link on the right side of the page – or contact me directly.

The well-read cat

Another mixed media work. I suffered some minor consternation about desecrating a book to use for the background, but I got over it. ; -) It was an old paperback that had been sitting on a dusty shelf in a thrift store for what I imagined was a very long time and destined never to be read again. So I used the pages and the words in a work of art and that seems like a fine and fitting finale. And the cat is so enjoying the book.

Who’s in the catbird seat?

I’ve been revisiting mixed media and loving it. For some reason cats and birds keep popping up. This is a wood substrate that I “painted on” colored tissue paper with an acrylic medium with a little paint mixed in. I painted on top of that with acrylic and a touch of watercolor, thinned down to get a transparent quality, which is one of the things I like so much about watercolor. Line is ever-present in my work, as it is here – I particularly like the negative space line created around the nose and eyes by the underlying tissue paper surface.

Cat on a hot tin roof

scary cat

One of two Halloween offerings this year. Someone pointed out that my “affection for cats was showing” because I seem to have done a lot of cats lately, which is true. But I’m still a dog person, really; cats are just more fun to draw. I don’t think this cat is very affectionate – although it was inspired by my friends The Brians’ cat, variously known as Scabitha and Creature (I call her Slinky), who I am inordinately fond of.