Latte Lounge

Yes, Melissa, there IS a Latte Lounge!  This commissioned piece has a great story behind it. As I love my art to be narrative, it was a joy to create.

My client and his wife met online several years ago. After a few emails and phone conversations, they agreed to meet for coffee at a central location, as they lived in cities about 30 miles apart. D. looked up coffee houses in the mid-city, picked the Latte Lounge and sent the info to M. The appointed time came and passed. M. was desperately driving up and down and around the given address but no Latte Lounge, as was D. After multiple, harried cell phone calls, they finally met (for the first time!) at a corner gas station and went on the hunt together. Alas, the mysterious Latte Lounge was never found but Cupid’s shot was straight. The story has become part of D & M’s family lore and I was honored to put it on paper.

I like incorporating arcane details in my illustrations and paintings; there are several in the Latte Lounge, including Spike, the lizard with the mutated tail. Watercolor, gouache, colored pencil and ink on hot press Arches paper. 16″ x 12″.



4 thoughts on “Latte Lounge

  1. Love this! The colors are outstanding. Lovely line work, as always, and the details are so great. Are those angel dogs singing?

    Now can you please give me directions to this place? I need a latte in the sky. Well, maybe a mocha. But still. 😉

  2. Cindy D – the Latte Lounge is actually perched on the rock where David proposed to me 5 years ago. It is located down in the back country of the Grand Canyon at a little campsite called Horn Creek. The actual rock is about 10 feet tall and has a roughly 12 foot diameter flat top. During the day you can lie there and watch mating condors catching the thermals and at night you can lie there and watch the night sky come to life! Truly heaven on Earth!

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