Cards of Christmas Past


Last year I had my Christmas card artwork done in July. This year I am still sketching on December 2, which means it may end up being a New Year’s card. Or maybe an Easter one. So, as I am scrambling today to finish the sketch and start the final, it seems perfectly reasonable to take a little time out and look at some cards from long ago Christmases. The one above is from 1989. I like the clean lines. It was printed in black on white cards, but I personalized each card by adding a little very fine glitter on the gift box. I thought they looked swell, but Andy, my husband at the time, absolutely hated that glitter floating around. What a spoil sport. Even so, it was a great Christmas.


By 1994, things had gotten a little rockier for me. There was some really good stuff that year and there was some really sucky stuff. I was pretty beat by the end of it. I still like the drawing, though, even if not all of the memories. Also printed in black, these cards I personalized by hand painting every one I sent. Maybe that was why I was so tired.


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